Meeting of the International Electrokinetics Society


ELKIN is a world-renowned forum featuring advances in theoretical and applied electrokinetics.  The first ELKIN symposium took place in Granada, Spain, in 1993. Since then, ELKIN conferences have been held in different countries inside and outside Europe, where the two latest symposia were hosted by MIT in 2019 and Tel-Aviv University in 2022. The upcoming ELKIN2024 will take place in Seville, Spain. 
The International Electrokinetics Society (IES) promotes interdisciplinary research in the field of electrokinetics. The ELKIN is the general meeting of the IES and is held biannually at locations around the globe. 
Topics: Fundamentals of Electrokinetics. Modeling. Bio-electrokinetics and Bio-medical applications. Desalination. Selective ion separations/ Battery EK. Aggregation and Assembly. Electro-microfluidics. Soft colloids. Active particles. Non-polar media. Experimental techniques. Environmental applications. Electrokinetic separation methods. 
The International Electrokinetics Society has recently established two awards:
- Stanislav Dukhin Medal in Electrokinetics, for life time achievement.
- Johannes Lyklema Early Career Award in Electrokinetics.
Awardees will be announced during the ELKIN2024 conference and will deliver corresponding named lectures.

The Local Organizing Committee:

Antonio Ramos

Pablo García

Pedro A. Vázquez